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Order Process


1.Choose your preferred Body Style (Body & Pose as Shown on website or Fully Customized)


2.Fill in the order details,if you have any special idea on your bobble head, please write down your special require in the comment box or send email to us. 



3.Submit your order and pay for it.


4.Provide us with at least 2 photos: Clear, Straight front and Side photos. (If you want to change the body pose or clothing, please provide us your pose or clothing photos, free of charge.)

5.Free of charge adding logos.If you need to add the logo on the shirt or base, please send to our email.


6.Proof confirm(Custom Bobbleheads Free proofing until you are satisfied!)

  We would send head and body and final proofs to you confirm.

  (1).If you are satified with the proof, please said"APPROVED".

  (2).If the proof is not ok, please said "Denied", and tell us what need to change.

7.Final proof approved.

8.Mail the bobblehead to you.

9.Received bobblehead.